About Me

My name is Julie B. Campbell.  I’m an author of children’s books and am the co-author of a young adult book series called Perspective.

I’m a rosacea geek and guinea pig!

Author Julie B Campbell
The lighting is terrible in this picture, but I will replace it with a better one the next time I get a picture of myself that is worthy of sharing 😉

I have had rosacea for a decade and a half and, despite a lot of research and adopting a healthy lifestyle, I had not been able to keep the redness, bumps, dryness, itchiness, and burning of rosacea flushes under control…until now (dum dum dummmm).

What I’m not is a doctor.  I’m also not a skin care expert.  I don’t own a company selling cosmetics, supplements, topical creams or lotions, or light therapy bulbs. In fact, you might notice that this site doesn’t sell anything.  That’s because that’s not the point of this site.

I’ve created this website because it has taken me a very long time to find out what works for my skin to keep the symptoms of rosacea under control. If you have the condition, you know how hard this can be.  There is no rosacea cure (no matter what other sites on the internet might tell you).  You can only control it, and discovering the right rosacea treatment is a long and often frustrating process.

I have found many rosacea treatments that work only temporarily, and some that don’t work at all.  Unfortunately, I’ve also found some that make it worse.  It’s hard to tell, because some make it worse before it gets better, then others make it better before it gets worse.  All of this testing takes time. For me, it took 15 years.

So I’ve decided to take all of my carefully documented testing and progress (and lack of progress) and share it with you so that you can design your own rosacea treatment system.

Please understand that this website is not meant to tell you that a certain rosacea treatment will or will not work.  It is meant to describe my own experiences. 

I may name specific products, but that is only so that you can know what I’m talking about, not because I’m recommending it or telling you not to try it.  What works for me, might not work for you – or it might not work in the same way. What didn’t work for me might be the perfect solution for you.

I’m just hoping to provide you with some information that you can discuss with your doctor, or just to decide whether it is or is not worth trying for your own rosacea treatment.

Don’t forget to check out my progress with red light therapy for rosacea and how that has moved on to a combination between red and amber light therapy for rosacea, which has been even better.  That’s the centre of my own success in treating my skin and I documented the whole process right from the moment that I opened the box of the LED red light that I’d ordered. That blog is always being updated so that you can see the continued improvement and health of my skin.

That blog also includes my “before” photos, but if you’d like to see them now, here they are:

Rosacea on cheek - 1 Rosacea on cheek - 2

Notice the redness on my cheeks that goes right up to my temples, and the little bumps that look like pimples.  They’re not pimples, they’re just little bumps.