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Questions, comments, or concerns that you want to send directly to me, instead of posting them in the comments below my blog posts?  Please use this form to reach me! I love hearing from my blog readers! I respond to everyone personally and promptly 🙂

Do I accept product samples for testing and review? Yes!  However, I won’t sample just anything, as I won’t try anything that contains my known rosacea triggers or that I don’t feel will be appropriate for my skin care needs. If you have a rosacea-friendly or reactive skin-friendly product you’d like me to try and (honest!) review on my blog and YouTube channel, please let me know in the contact form below. If possible, please include a link to a description of the product you’d like to send me. If I would like to test the product, I will send you my PO box address.  Either way, I will respond promptly to let you know.

I do not give rosacea recommendations/medical advice. While I appreciate your confidence in me, as a rosacea blogger, I am not qualified to give you advice for the treatment of your own condition. I am neither a doctor nor a skin care expert. My only knowledge of the condition is through my own personal research online and by testing products, strategies, and lifestyle changes on myself. Every case of rosacea is unique. I recommend speaking with your doctor/dermatologist and using reputable information sources (that aren’t trying to sell you something or promising you a “cure”), such as the National Rosacea Society.

I look forward to hearing from you 🙂

I’m on Twitter @treat_rosacea

On Facebook Rosy JulieBC

On Instagram @rosyjuliebc

I also have a YouTube Channel, where I keep all of my videos.

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