Rosacea Treatments that Work

Here are the types of rosacea treatments that work in my experience and in my own case of this skin condition.

Please note that (as I’ve said on other pages of this site), not all of these rosacea treatments will work for everyone.  There is no single treatment, therapy, or product that works for everyone who has this skin disorder.  Instead, these are strategies that have worked for me, so I am happy to share them in case they can work for you, too.

This is a work in progress.  I’ll be updating this as I have more time to do so and as I learn more techniques and products that I find to be effective as time goes by.

Rosacea treatments that work and that I currently use

  • Red light therapy – this is not a cure for rosacea, but I consider this to be the rosacea treatment that has enhanced everything else that I am doing.  It has cleared up the bumps on my skin entirely and has reduced the redness.  The redness in my face is not yet gone, but it is gradually lessening over time.  All of the itchiness, tightness, and heat are now gone from my face.  It has been weeks since I’ve felt them.  If I didn’t have a mirror, I wouldn’t even know that I have the condition anymore!
    If you want to see my progress from the beginning with red light therapy for my rosacea, check out my blog from the beginning.
  • Gentle, consistent skin care – I’m done cheaping out on products. Now, it’s not about the brand or the price tag, it’s about what works.  I currently use a relatively inexpensive but extremely gentle cleanser, but I use a moisturizer and a sunscreen that are pricy enough that I wait for sales to purchase them (or use Optimum rewards points to get them for free, since the closest place to me that sells them is Shopper’s Drug Mart).  To learn more about the products I use, check these two blog posts in which I discuss some of the skin care products that I use, or check out this blog post about a sun screen vs rosacea disaster that I experienced when I chose the wrong product.
  • Staying cool (temperature and foods) – extreme temperatures are the enemy of any rosacea sufferer.  Heat (especially heat with humidity), but also hot foods and hot beverages are a fast way to flush the skin.  I’ve learned not to push myself in hot weather, to remain cool when I can, to stop taking hot baths, to cool down my showers as much as I comfortably can (I’m not a person who likes to be cool in the shower) and to wait until coffee, tea, soups, and other warm foods aren’t steaming anymore before I eat them.

I will be adding more points and blog posts to that list, over time.  In fact, I will soon be writing a blog post about all of the skin care products that I am using at the moment, to give a run down of what my routine looks like.  It’s not nearly as complex as it sounds.  In fact, it’s quite straightforward now that I have the red light therapy on my side.  It has helped me to reduce the number of products that I buy!

Part of rosacea treatments that work is loving your lifestyle!

One thing that I do want to point out is that an important part of rosacea treatments that work is in understanding that there is a line after which you just have to accept that you want to enjoy your life.

Sure, I shouldn’t drink coffee because it causes inflammation (ie redness), but I love coffee.  So I just make sure that I don’t drink it when it’s too hot, and I accept the fact that I may never have perfectly redness-free skin as a result of my refusal to give it up.  For that matter, the same can be said about my refusal to give up eating yogurt, which I also adore.

There is no rosacea treatment that is a silver bullet

Just like with other skin care issues that technically require lifestyle changes, unless you’re the luckiest rosacea sufferer in the world, you’ll never find one product among the rosacea treatments that work that will clear up all of your symptoms forever.

The odds are that you will occasionally find something that helps and you’ll combine that with the rest of your efforts in the hopes that it won’t suddenly stop working.  Sometimes, that will happen, sometimes it won’t.  The key is not to give up!

We’re all in this together.  I hope you discover something here that will help you, too!