Full Disclosure

I mention a lot of products on this site and in my blog (and I fully intend to mention a lot more), so I thought I’d take this opportunity to make a full disclosure statement.

This site is meant to talk about the products, techniques, and lifestyle habits I’ve tried or have adopted in order to treat my rosacea symptoms.  It is not meant to sell anything.  I am not being paid to post anything on this site or to talk about anything specific.

Any product, strategy, technique, person, brand, or company that I mention in these webpages or on my blog are done on a voluntary basis.

Occasionally, I am offered products to try from other companies, in exchange for mention in my blog or in the videos that I create for my blog (my videos are also unpaid, btw).  I do not always accept those offers.  I will accept if and only if the product looks like something that I’d want to try, and if I feel that it would genuinely be an improvement over what I’m currently using.

Any mention, reviews, or kudos that I give to a product, brand, or company are completely honest.  They are based on my real experience and I will tell you, flat-out, that I received the product for free from the company in order to try it out and share my experience.  I will not automatically give a good review just because something was sent to me for free, and I do not accept money to try something and give it a positive review.

The entire point to this site is to give rosacea sufferers a place to get real information and view real reviews from a real person who also has rosacea symptoms and who has gone through all of the frustration of trying to find a treatment that works.  If I were to accept payment from a company to provide false positive reviews, that would work against everything I am trying to accomplish with this site.  So I don’t do that!

Everything that you read on this site is my honest opinion based on my honest experience.  I’m not a doctor or expert in the condition, in medicine, in skin care, or cosmetics, but I can share my experiences.  That’s exactly what you’ll find on this site.

Thanks for listening! 🙂

*UPDATE – October 2015, I  took part in a project with Smarter Lights as they developed a rosacea light therapy product that combines red and amber light therapy in one bulb.  I was not paid for this participation. I was one of the people testing the 2 different prototypes (which each have a different balance of red-to-amber).  The prototypes were sent to me for free and I tested them in exchange for providing my honest feedback and progress photos to the company, which I have also shared on this blog when it was relevant 🙂 This won’t change my willingness and dedication to share my honest reactions and progress, but I just wanted to mention it here so that there aren’t any secrets about what I’m all about. The product is now called the Dual Care and mine was provided to me for free as a part of this unpaid research.

*Update – March 14, 2016 to February 2, 2018, I was been hired by Light Therapy Options in the capacity that I helped to find relevant content to post over their social media – Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  I did not reply to their messages, follow/unfollow or do anything other than post links, tips, etc that followers might find to be helpful. The company managed its own social media outside of my topic suggestions for sharing.

*Update – February 2019, as of this date, affiliate links have been added to posts.  I am extremely picky about the affiliate programs in which I participate. The first affiliate link I added was for Tree Hugger Cloth Pads. I select my affiliate participation after already having tested and loved the products at my own cost. When I truly love a product, I check with the company to see if they have an affiliate program, not the other way around. This way, all reviews and enthusiasm about products remains fully honest. I do not under any circumstances deliberately skew my reviews or statements in order to make products from affiliate providers seem more appealing.


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