Other Rosacea Treatments

Here, are some of the rosacea treatments that I have tried.  Some worked.  Some worked for a while but stopped working.  Some didn’t work at all.  Some even made things worse!

More rosacea treatments are always being added to this page. I’m sorry for the delay, so far. on this page.  I’ve tried a lot of things and I want to get it right! Please keep checking back!

This list will keep growing as I come back to this page and update it over time.  Please note that just because something worked for me, it doesn’t mean it will work for you.  Same can be said for what didn’t work for me.  I’m just hoping that by talking about what I’ve tried, it might help you to figure out your own strategy.  Don’t forget to talk to your doctor or dermatologist before changing your rosacea treatment strategy!

Here is the start of my list of supplements, topical products, skin care products, techniques, therapies, and “tricks” that I’ve attempted over time.

Rosacea treatments and other strategies I’ve tried:

  • Seabuckthorn for rosacea – I’ve tried seabuckthorn (also spelled sea buckthorn) supplements, seabuckthorn seed oil, cleansing bars, and soothing salves.  Here are some some details about it from a blog post I made:: Light Therapy vs Seabuckthorn for Rosacea. I also did a video that you can check out, here:
  • Anti-Inflammatory Rosacea Diet – This is something I am still doing.  It’s not a strict diet as much as an attempt to decrease the number of inflammation-causing foods I eat, while working more anti-inflammatory ingredients into my meals and snacks.  I blogged about it.  Check out my post called “Giving an Anti-Inflammatory Rosacea Diet a Try“.  If you do happen to want to give that sort of food-based effort a try, check out my recipe for a Yummy Anti-Inflammatory Rosacea Smoothie.
  • Rocia Natural Skin Care Products – In August 2015, I tried out a line of natural skin care products from a company called Rocia.  They consisted of the Olive Oil Cleansing Cake, the Provar treatment and the Quench Extra Hydration Oil.  Here is my review of that experience: Rocia Natural Skin Care products for Rosacea Review.  I am still using the Provar treatment.  I use the Olive Oil Cleansing Cake and Quench Extra Hydration Oil during warmer months.  Over the winter, I need a different cleanser and moisturizer.  I also did a video about each one, in case you want to check them out:Rocia Olive Oil Cleansing Cake

Rocia Provar treatment

Rocia Quench Extra Hydration Oil


More coming soon!  I promise 🙂