Day 7: The Awesome Benefits of Red Light Therapy and Rosacea Skin Care

I woke up this morning to a major difference in my skin when compared to how it had looked last night.  I have to say that red light therapy might not stop rosacea flushes from happening if I choose the wrong skin care product (sunscreen) for my face, but it certainly heals it up far faster than it would on its own.

I’ve been working on slowly rethinking my current skin care routine because the weather is definitely getting warmer out and the moisturizer that was working for me during the winter is starting to prove to be too heavy for the summer months.

I have very dry skin at the best of times, but even I don’t need a super-thick lotion.

Rosacea skin care product selection is a lengthy process!

Changing a skin care routine when you have rosacea can be a tricky thing. I feel fortunate in that I am very happy with the facial cleanser that I have (I think I mentioned it before, but I can’t remember, so I’ll just link it here again.  It’s Eucerin DermatoCLEAN Mild Cleansing Lotion).

What I like about it is that it is a lotion, not something that foams (even something like foaming action can be too much for my skin when it’s having a bad day). It can be used with or without water, which is also good for highly reactive skin, because there are days when even water can be too much. It’s pretty effective at taking off makeup and I don’t feel like my face has been stripped clean after I use it.  Typically, my skin feels softer and healthier than it did before I washed it, which is nice.

The moisturizer that I have been using has been Eucerin Replenishing Face Creme Day 5% Urea was awesome over the winter. It offered me great hydration and a barrier against super-cold weather and biting winds. However, now that the heat and humidity are climbing, it’s not absorbing into my skin as nicely and it just sits like a slime layer on my skin. I tried thinning it with a drop of distilled water (which is gentler than tap/bottled water, though not as good as thermal water, which I’ll talk about on another day), but that didn’t seem to do the trick.

So now I’m on the hunt for a new moisturizer.  I’m thinking of looking into the La Roche Posay line, because that brand is good for sensitive and reactive skin, and it’s the brand of the new sunscreen that I’ve purchased (which I discussed in my blog post called Day 6: The Red Light Therapy is Clearing My Rosacea Symptoms Again).

I tend to try to stick to one brand as much as possible because companies usually formulate products to be able to work together.  The good ones do, at least.  That’s why I was using a series of Eucerin products over the winter.  I still plan to return to Eucerin when the cold weather returns. Still, I’ll do a lot of research and review reading before I make my final decision.

I’m still seeing progress with the red light therapy rosacea treatment.

In fact, I saw my best friend (and co-author of the Perspective book series) today for the first time in a few days, and she could see the difference in my skin.  She said that the colour looked smoother and less blotchy.  Overall, my skin looked healthier and not as irritated.

That’s definitely good news.  I know that my best friend will tell me the truth.  If she didn’t think there was a difference, she’d say so!

Overall, I’ve also noticed that my skin is still getting softer and it isn’t as dry immediately after washing.  It’s a good feeling! So I’ll be keeping up my use of the Pure Red LED Light Therapy Set while I work out the rest of my rosacea skin care routine.

For now, here are my daily pictures (btw, even if they don’t seem that great, compare them to previous posts.  I’ve been making visible progress!):

Cheek 1 - June 3 - Rosacea skin care  Cheek 2 - June 3 - Rosacea skin care

Does anyone else agree with me that the cheek in the right hand picture is healing faster than the one on the left?  The second picture is the one receiving the longer red light therapy rosacea treatment.  I’m seriously thinking of doing both sides for the longer session, too. Any opinions?  Please share them in the comments below.

More tomorrow 🙂

Other factors to be considered (which I forgot to add, yesterday.  Sorry!):

  • The temperature high today was 22ºC (72ºF)
  • The temperature low overnight was 8ºC (46ºF)
  • No alcohol or spicy foods
  • Spent about an hour or so in direct sunlight at a time, today – used sunscreen.


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