Rosy JulieBC’s Rosacea Journey on Social Media

Hi Everyone!

This is just a short post to share some updates.

natural rosacea treatment options social mediaI’ve started a few social media pages to make it easier to keep up with the latest in natural rosacea treatment techniques and information, to share some interesting information that I’ve found but that doesn’t really belong in this blog, and to make it easier for you to share your thoughts and comments on rosacea skin care, products, treatments, struggles, and other important topics.

I’ll be keeping up these blogs, of course, but you can also find more rosacea information at:

Twitter: @Treat_Rosacea

Facebook: Rosy JulieBC

Google+: Rosy JulieBC

YouTube: Rosy Julie BC

TalkHealth Rosacea Hub: Julie’s TalkHealth Rosacea Blog

There should be some very exciting blog posts coming up, too.  I’ve had a few topic requests that I intend to cover, and I’ve been asked to do a product review on a line of natural rosacea treatment products that I’ve been eying for a few weeks (since back when I was looking to switch my moisturizer at the change of the seasons).

More soon!

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