I’m a Rosacea Skin Care Product Guinea Pig!

Hi everyone!  It’s been a while.  My fault (how could it be yours???).

Anyhoo, so there has been a lot going on in my life, including the fact that I’m testing out some great rosacea skin care and treatment products.  I know I should have been blogging about it more, but the deadline for the draft of “Second Wind” (the second book in the Perspective book series – nice plug, eh!) was due today and my co-author and I have been rushing to get our acts together so it could be sent to the publisher. Very exciting.

…Anyhoo again!  So here’s the scoop on what I’ve been up to in terms of rosacea skin care, lately.

Rosacea light therapy prototype (red and amber)

Firstly, the rosacea light therapy prototype from Smarter Lights (formerly Light Therapy Options) arrived a couple of weeks ago.  I did an unboxing video:

amber and red light therapy rosacea treatment prototypeI can’t wait to start using them.  I’m extremely excited and I’ve figured out just how to test one on one side of my face and the other one on the other side of my face, without crossovers.  If it looks funny when I do it, I’ll be sure to record a video so you can laugh along with me (and see how the rosacea light therapy treatments are going, for that matter).

I’m probably going to be starting those in around the New Year because I want to give it a fair shot at seeing how well they work without mixing up the benefits of the lights with the benefits I might be getting from something else I’m currently testing.

Rewind from Alon Labs for redness and anti-aging

Alon Labs was kind enough to send me a free full-sized sample of one of their products called Rewind skin rejuvenating formula. I did an unboxing video about that, too:

As of today, I’ve been using it for two weeks.  I have to admit, my first impression of Alon Rewind was not good.  To be fair, my first impressions of most topical products aren’t good because my face rejects anything new.

The first thing that happens whenever I try a new cleanser, moisturizer or just about anything else is that I turn bright red and have a crop of pimples to contend with.  That happened with a vengeance when I first tried this product.  In fact, I can honestly say that my face looked worse than it ever has in my life.  I had pimples covering my entire face – even where I don’t have rosacea symptoms, such as my forehead – and the rosacea-prone areas turned very deep red.  Oddly, my face felt comfortable and was not at all irritated, but I looked awful.  I looked as though I had a moderate-to-severe case of acne.  I could see people staring at my face when I went into stores.  I didn’t want to risk trying to cover it with makeup (except when I had my picture taken with Santa, but that was only for a short time) because I didn’t want to risk irritating it further or throwing off the honesty of the results I was getting from Alon Rewind.

alon labs rosacea productAt about 10 days in, I had already told my mother and my co-author that if I wasn’t seeing any improvements by the 14 day mark, I wouldn’t finish the trial of 30 days. I’ve never given up on a product in that way before.  Then, when I woke up the next morning, my face started healing!  It was as though my face heard me and was telling me not to give up so quickly!  Weird, huh! But great!

Since then, my face has been healing consistently and now it’s starting to look like the effects of the product might be promising.  If you watched my unboxing video (above), you’ll have seen that I was following the instructions for sensitive skin.  That means that today will be the first day that I’ll be using the product normally – twice per day.  We’ll see what my face thinks about that!  I’ll be sure to let you know.  I’ve been taking pictures, so I’ll be all set for a full blog post about my experience.

Affordable Rosacea Light Therapy in Clearance

Before I go, I just wanted to point out that I recently noticed the creation of a clearance section at Light Therapy Options where the products I’ve been using have been hugely discounted.

At the moment, there are several kits and individual bulbs available, but I can see only one that is among those for rosacea light therapy.  Since I’ve received messages from quite a few of you through my contact form (thank you, I love to hear from you!), saying that you’d love to try the lights but find them too expensive, I thought I’d just point out this opportunity for savings.

amber light therapy rosaceaRight now, it looks like the amber light therapy bulb is being sold at a discount of $136 off the usual price of $260.  So the clearance price is $124, which is less than half off! The site lists only one in stock, so if you’re interested in giving it a go, now’s your chance.  It comes with a 90 day guarantee, so you have three months to try it out or you can return it for a full refund.  BTW, they’re not paying me to say this, I’m just hoping to help some of you who wanted to give it a try but didn’t want to take a risk with a product that was $260.  I have a video about my own experience with amber light therapy that you can watch here if you want to learn about it before you pick one up.

I think that’s it for now.  My aim is to post more regularly from now on, as my book draft has been submitted so things won’t start getting crazy again for another few weeks.  PHEW! I hope you’re all having a great holiday season, so far.

Please feel welcome to share your thoughts, comments, experiences, etc in the comments, below, or to contact me using the contact form on this website 🙂

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