My Pure Red LED Light Therapy for Rosacea Set Arrived!

I can’t tell you how excited I was when my red light therapy for rosacea kit arrived in the mail.  It was last week, but I will post my progress from now on.

The kit was very neatly packed and it was clear that a lot of care was taken to make sure that it arrived safely.  I admit that I was a little nervous about shipping lights, but these items were all very well protected and now that I’ve unpacked the box, I can tell that this isn’t a delicate product, anyway.  I’ll be confident bringing this with me when I travel.  

To me, that’s important.  Since many of the reasons that I travel have to do with making guest author appearances, I would rather not forgo treating my rosacea and minimizing the redness since I will be speaking in front of groups of people.

Here are all of the items that came in the box:Peak 630™ Red LED Light Therapy Set

The package included: The welcome materials/user manual, the “sunnies” (protective goggles), the clamp light, the Peak 630 LED red light therapy bulb.

I read the user manual all the way through (yes, I’m one of “those” people) and found out that red light therapy for rosacea requires me to shine the light 6 inches to 12 inches from my face for 90-180 seconds per area of the face (left side, front, and right side).  That’s it!  🙂

Since I don’t know whether or not more is better, I’m going to start off by testing one side of my face with 90 seconds and the other side of my face with 180 seconds (and 90 seconds for the front).  That way, I’ll see which side has better progress.  When I know, I’ll use that length of time on both sides of my face.

I’ll start off by using the red light therapy for rosacea every day.  Once I feel that my face has healed up, I will knock it back to once or twice per week for maintenance.

Although red light therapy hasn’t ever been associated with any negative side effects, I appreciate the little protective “sunnies” goggles that were sent along with the package.  I know that blue light therapy (which is not a part of this rosacea treatment) has been associated with macular degeneration, but red light doesn’t appear to come with this risk.  Still, the light is VERY bright, so I am glad to have the protection not only for “just in case” but also for the added shade!

Here’s what the light looked like when I shone it on a white wall:Peak 630™ Red LED Light for Rosacea

I am shining the light on a white wall. This room is not dark, but the light is so bright that it appears that way. This is a high powered bulb!

I am very hopeful that this will work for me.  I feel that I have managed to find the right things to do (and not to do) to keep my rosacea under control, but I want a natural treatment that will allow me to overcome the bumps and redness without constantly slathering prescription medications onto my skin.

I know that there are several places that sell LED red light therapy for rosacea products, but in this case, the one I chose was from Light Therapy Options.  It’s the Pure Red LED light kit. The price was competitive and the customer service is exceptional.  I was given some great advice and am looking forward to seeing if it works as well as I think it will.

Here are my “before” picture so that you’ll know how I looked when I got started:

Rosacea on cheek - 1 Rosacea on cheek - 2

Wish me luck!

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