Day 4: My Effective Rosacea Treatment is Noticeable to Others!

If there was any doubt left in my mind about the effectiveness of my new rosacea treatment, it was eliminated, today.  Today marked the first day that someone else also noticed a difference in the condition of the skin on my face.

Jules, The Elephant-Wolf - wearing red light therapy goggles
Big thanks to Jules (star of my children’s book “The Elephant-Wolf”) who is wearing the Super Sunnies goggles while posing in the red light so that I would have an interesting pic to share 😉

While visiting my parents, I was sitting at the kitchen table and talking with my mother when she noticed that there was definitely a difference in my skin.  She could tell that, especially on the left side of my face, the redness seemed more “even” and less irritated and blotchy.  This was the first time that my mother had seen me since I started the red light therapy as a rosacea treatment.

What was interesting about her observation was that she was able to point out exactly where I had also been seeing the biggest improvement in my skin. This, after only three treatments (I hadn’t done the fourth one yet by the time I visited her).

Incidentally, the side where the biggest difference was observed (left) is the same side that is receiving 3 minutes of red light therapy instead of the 90 seconds I’m using on the right side.  I still think that it is too early to decide whether or not the extra time is making a difference, but it is certainly something that I’m going to keep watching.

Here are the pictures that I took today.

Cheek 1 - May 31 rosacea pictures  Cheek 2 - May 31 rosacea pictures

For those of you who have been watching this as an acne treatment, check out my chin! That big pimple that I had on Day 1 is completely gone.  Not bad for 3 treatments (I’d only just done the fourth treatment when I took this pic, so it didn’t have time to take effect, yet). If I had acne, I’d be looking into red light therapy for that, too!

I’m starting to wonder if I should be taking the pictures immediately before I do the treatments instead of immediately after.  The reason I say this isn’t because my skin is irritated by the red light therapy (since it’s not).  It’s that I wash my face right before I use the red light, so it usually looks redder than it actually is simply because I’ve had contact with it by rubbing the gentle cleanser over it and patting it dry (that’s all it takes for my skin to darken in colour).

I’ll let you know if I change my photography strategy.  Taking these rosacea pictures is as new to me as the red light therapy, so I know that I’ll have some kinks to iron out along the way.

See you tomorrow! 🙂

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