Day 2 – The First 24 Hours After Light Therapy for Rosacea

I have to say that things are off to a great start!  I woke up this morning and looked in the mirror and once I could see past the blurry pre-coffee vision, I could tell that something was different.  It was something good!

The redness in my face had decreased!  I’m not kidding.  It wasn’t dramatic.  Likely, I would have been the only one who would notice the difference, but if you’re anything like me, then you know the redness from your rosacea VERY well, so you know when it’s flaring up and you know when it’s easing off.  This was more than just easing off.

The only way that I can think to describe it is that it wasn’t as “red” as much as it was “enthusiastic pink”.  The bumps were all still there but they just didn’t seem as angry and irritated.

The red light therapy for rosacea took away other symptoms, too!

What I did feel sure about was that for the first time in eons, my face wasn’t hot with a burning feeling, itchy, or uncomfortably tight.  The visible difference wasn’t huge, but the comfort level was amazing.  On the “inside”, it felt like normal skin!

I felt a little bit giddy about it so I contacted the customer support at Light Therapy Options (where I gott the LED red light therapy kit I’m using – I use the Pure Red LED Light, in case you want to know exactly which one I’m trying).  I asked if I was experiencing a placebo effect, because I’m trying to be very “scientific” about this blog and about the way that I am tracking the progress.

It’s not the placebo effect! I guess it’s not uncommon for rosacea sufferers to see a fading in the redness as soon as overnight after the first treatment.  Awesome!

The way that I understand it is that the energy from the red light wavelengths works in the cells to promote healing but it also works as a gentle anti-inflammatory.  Reducing inflammation means decreasing redness, among other benefits.  WOO HOO! 🙂

This evening, I did my second round of red light therapy for rosacea.  It was 90 seconds on the right side, 90 seconds on the front, and 180 seconds on the left side, just like yesterday (I haven’t seen a difference in the progress between the right and left side, yet).

Here are pictures that I took right after the treatment:

Cheek 1 - May 29 Cheek 2 - May 29

That said, check out the progress that the ugly red pimple on my chin has made!  I can completely believe that this would work for acne. If you’ve tried that for acne, please comment in the box below this blog.  I’d love to hear about it.

More tomorrow 🙂

Other factors to be considered:

  • The temperature high today was 26ºC (79ºF)
  • The temperature low overnight was 17ºC (62ºF)
  • No alcohol or spicy foods
  • I didn’t spend more than 10 minutes in direct sunlight at a time, today.


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