Week 13: Placing the Spotlight on Light Therapy for Rosacea

Red light therapy for rosaceaI’ve made a command decision.  I’m absolutely thrilled with the effects of the red light therapy on my rosacea.  However, I’ve been stumbling across a lot of information that is saying that amber (yellow) light is also helping a lot of people with this skin condition.  So I’ve decided to give my skin a double whammy of light therapy power and will be combining red and amber light.

The amber light therapy product is now in the mail and I can’t wait for it to arrive.  I’ll be sure to do an unboxing video when it gets here, so that you can see what comes in the box and what the yellow light is like when it’s turned on.

Why am I getting amber light therapy for rosacea, too?

I have high hopes for this.  As far as I can understand it, so far, it looks as though red light therapy penetrates more deeply into the skin, reducing inflammation (which causes swelling and redness) and healing all of the pimples, bumps, and other kind of damage that is already on the skin.

However, amber light waves don’t travel as deeply into the skin.  They stay closer to the surface and have a very soothing and calming effect.  So while it looks like red light therapy does a lot of the healing of the inflammation, redness, and damage that has occurred over the years, amber light therapy provides a faster and more visible result in the form of soothing the outer layers of the skin that are the most obvious to see.

Cool, huh!

The product that I’ll be getting is the Pure Amber LED Light Therapy Set, which is also from Smarter Lights (formerly Light Therapy Options), the same place that I got the red product that I use (Pure Red LED Light Therapy Set).

I’m still very happy with red light therapy 🙂

I just thought I’d point out that red light therapy is still working very well as a natural rosacea treatment, for me.  I’m also still very pleased with the product that I chose to use.  One of the main reasons is that it is so fast to use.

Unlike the red light therapy products that I’ve seen online at eBay and Amazon, and the ones I spotted a couple of weeks ago at Bed Bath and Beyond, I can do my whole face in as little as 4 and a half minutes (three 90 second sessions).  As far as I can tell, the fastest product that I saw (other than the one from Light Therapy Options) required 15 minutes of treatment every day.

If it took me 15 minutes to treat my skin every day, I just know that I wouldn’t keep it up.  I’m not good at being idle for a long period of time.

…And that leads me to the video that I created, this week.  I’ve now been asked several times about what I do to pass the time while I’m wearing goggles and treating my skin.  So I thought I’d have a bit of fun by telling you in a video.  I’m still learning how to film and edit, and my equipment is very rough (I just ordered a new video camera that should be arriving on Wednesday), but I just thought I’d have some fun with there.  Here it is.

Thank you very much for stopping by.  I’ll start posting progress photos of my skin again, soon.  I’m not sure why I stopped doing that, but I’ll get back into the habit 🙂

See you next time!


      • Hi Julie! Thank you very much for reading my post on my blog. Try to have a look also at this device http://soothingrainlight.com/Home. It was created by a guy from Iowa who had problems with rosacea subtype 2 and subtype4. I wish I had the money to buy the device and try it. In a few day I will see the effect of Bioptron from Zepter on rosacea. Also at the end of the month I will have my first IPL session. If you have time please read this http://www.rosaceagroup.org/The_Rosacea_Forum/showthread.php?21341-Bioptron-light-therapy. It looks like violet and green light have a good result in treating rosacea too. Take care. Keep in touch. God to give you peace in the skin as soon as possible.


      • Hi Romeo, Thank you for the additional resources. It’s funny that you should bring up the green light. I actually have this one: http://shop.lighttherapyoptions.com/Peak-535nm-Green-LED-Light-Therapy-Set-p/e-lt-green.htm?Click=2273 from Light Therapy Options. I got it to help me to treat anxiety and sleep issues (in those cases, you use it indirectly, instead of directly onto your skin. So you light the room with it instead of shining it on yourself). I have read about green light for rosacea and so I have been giving it a little bit of a try. What I’ve found is that green doesn’t do too much in terms of healing issues that have already developed on my skin (redness, bumps, etc).
        The benefit I get from green light is that it eases the heat and burning from a flare-up when it happens. So it doesn’t actually make anything go away, but it does help flare-ups to feel a little better. The benefit lasts for a few hours at a time. The reason I haven’t written about it, yet is that I haven’t tried it for long enough and I haven’t done enough research into it to really know what I’m talking about.
        Back when I was considering light therapy treatment for the first time for rosacea, I did actually look at SoothingRainLight. They look like a great company and their products look to be good quality. But they seemed to be moving away from the rosacea market (for example, they used to have a red/amber combo light) and aren’t talking about the condition as much on their blog. That’s why I went with Light Therapy Options, instead. They are boosting their focus on rosacea.
        I know all of these lights from any of the stores seem expensive, but for me, they’ve stopped me from having to buy really expensive skin care products/prescription drugs, so in my mind, they’re a 1 time investment that replaces a lot of ongoing spending.
        I wish you the best of luck in treating your condition and I hope that you have the opportunity to try the best product for you – whatever that may be – very soon.
        *please note that I don’t have anything against SoothingRainLight. They look like a good, reputable company. It was the focus on rosacea, specifically that helped me make my decision. Nothing against that business 🙂


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