Treating Rosacea Naturally – We’re All in this Together!

I’m breaking with the (albeit relatively new) tradition of posting on this blog once per week because a lot has happened, so I thought I’d create a bit of an update so that my post next week won’t be unbearably long.

The light therapy for rosacea continues!

The first point that I’m excited about is that my amber light (the Pure Amber LED Light Therapy Set from Smarter Lights) just arrived today. Eeeeee!  I haven’t tried it, yet, but I’ll be sure to give you a good description of how it goes, possibly with an unboxing video.

In the name of “science”, I will stop using my red light for two weeks and will exclusively use the amber light.  That way, I’ll be able to tell what the amber light is doing (hopefully!).  After that point, I’ll use them both together so that I can give my rosacea a full-out beating.

More exciting stuff…

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been talking to a lot of people around the world about treating rosacea naturally through light therapy, skin care products, diet, and many other methods.  I’ve been thrilled to be able to collaborate with some of those fantastic individuals.

Here are a few of the results of a couple of those collaborations.  I highly recommend checking out these fantastic blogs:

Lastly, I’ve also been keeping up my YouTube channel.  Here’s my latest video in which I compare a red light therapy app with my Pure Red LED Light Therapy Set from Smarter Lights (same place I got the amber light).  What I discovered was pretty surprising (to me, at least!).

Thanks for reading.  See you next time!

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