Weeks 14 & 15 – Amber Light Therapy Fades Rosacea Redness Fast!

I’ve completed my first week of amber light therapy rosacea treatment and, as much as I love red light therapy for healing up the little bumps and eliminating the burning, itching, stinging and all that jazz, amber light therapy is quickly fading the redness from my skin!

Amber light therapy for Rosacea - First Week CompleteAs much as I felt that I was already biased and was expecting good results from using amber light therapy, I’m still shocked at how quickly it is working. The reason is that the experience is quite different from using red light therapy.

The effects I experienced from red light therapy for rosacea

When I was using red light therapy, the colour was intense and while it didn’t feel like anything was happening during the actual treatment itself, a short time afterward, I could “feel” that something was different.  I’m not sure how to describe it.  It wasn’t a tingling or tightness.  It just wasn’t the same as it was before I’d used it.  It felt better, somehow.

Using the red light was slowly fading the redness of my rosacea, but its most striking effect was that it healed up all of the pimple-like bumps on my cheeks and completely removed all of the discomforts of a flare-up, like the heat from flushing, the stinging, burning and itching, as well as the tightness.  I couldn’t give that rosacea treatment enough praise.

The effects I experienced from yellow / amber light therapy for rosacea

Even though the process and timing is the same for amber (also known as yellow light therapy), it feels very different.  To start, it doesn’t feel as intense.  It is much more soothing and calming, overall.

I don’t really feel that it did much in terms of healing or preventing the bumps (though they haven’t come back during the 7 days that I have been using yellow and not the red light, so far), but it has been steadily fading the redness from my face.

Not only has it been fading the redness, but it has been doing it fast.  I  have had somewhat of a red mask on for the past five to ten years (though I’ve had the condition for fifteen years, it’s only for the last five to ten that the redness became permanent).  Now, the mask appears to be receding in some areas, particularly at the tops of my cheeks.  Furthermore, some of my natural skin tone is starting to show through the middles of my cheeks, as though I have natural-coloured dimples showing through the redness.

After only 7 days, there are extremely visible results!  In fact, my mother noticed while we were out shopping, yesterday. See?  Proof!  I’m not the only one seeing it.

My plans for the future

For the next week, I’m going to continue to use amber light therapy, exclusively.  This will help me to know exactly what the rosacea treatment is doing for me.

After that point, I plan to go back to using red light therapy again, too.  I will be combining them so that I will be able to gain the benefits from both colour wavelengths.  I have to admit that I’m very eager to have the next week go by so that I can test out the combined red and amber light therapy for rosacea.

Now that I’ve tried them independently, I’m very eager to see what their combined powers have to offer!

Wish me luck 🙂

BTW, last week, I did another guest blog on the SkinTastic Beauty Blog. If you want to check it out, click: “Can You Drink Red Wine if You Have Rosacea?

Here is my latest video on my YouTube channel.  This one’s about my progress with amber light therapy for rosacea:

If you’ve tried light therapy (of any colour) to treat your rosacea, or if you’d like me to try something out, please comment below 🙂

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